• Priscilla J. West

The Texas/ Mexico border gets a lot of heat … and we’re not just talking about the weather. There is no sugar coating the fact that every hour of every-day, illegal activity of human and drug trafficking is taking place along the U.S./ Mexico border and our men and women in blue and green put on their uniforms and carry out their duties. Everyday on local and national news, we hear the stories regarding the tumultuous conditions of a Mexican/ American border community. But there is another story to be told. I live in the Rio Grande Valley, a Texas/ Mexico border community. I grew up here and I'm on a mission to tell stories about the diverse culture, diverse lifestyles and the different characters that make up this part of Texas. 

Valley Roots is series that paints a portrait of Mexican-American culture in the RGV as told by the people who live here. The series sheds light on the people making a positive impact in this border community and introduces onlookers to life in the southernmost region of Texas. 

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